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Are you feeling overwhelmed by debt? Do you want to pay your creditors, but you can't seem to get caught up? Then bankruptcy may be right for you and the Law Office of Chelsea Bair Minton might be able to help.

More than just a lawyer

At The Law Office of Chelsea Bair Minton, we represent all segments of our community throughout South Mississippi in all consumer debt issues, including bankrupcty.

There is no point in fighting with your creditors, let us help you.


Your financial situation today should not tell the story of your financial future. Bankruptcy can help resolve most of your debt, either through relieving you of the debt, or creating a feasible plan for paying your creditors over time.

We can find solutions that will work for you.


We handle consumer debt issues, including bankruptcy, foreclosure reposessions,  garnishments and consumer credit repair.

           Stop Foreclosures                 End Garnishments                    Get Relief             

Law Office of

Chelsea Bair Minton

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